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Network Meeting in Hamburg

Venue: DESY,Notkestraße 85; D-22607 Hamburg. The network meeting will take place in the seminar room of FLASH, located in building 28c, above the experimental hall.

Please register and plan your trip. You will find here travel information and a list of hotels

close to DESY.


Topics for discussion:

  • Interest in/form of a fellows-organised network event

  • Career plans of the fellows: should the Network start activities to increase the contact between fellows and senior scientists or between fellows and industry to help the career planning /career choice?

  • Training activities: is there demand for particular training events?

  • Status of ER hiring, advertisement inside the Network

  • costs and budget



Monday, 25/06

10.30 am Welcome - coffee
11.00-11.45 am Elke Ploenjes: Photon Science at FLASH

11.50-12.10 am P. Dombi: Ultrafast hot electron emission from plasmonic nanoparticles

12.10-12.30 am A. Moulet: Real-time probing of field ionization induced by sub-cycle light transients

12.30-2.00 pm Lunch break (DESY Canteen)

2.00-2.20 pm
E. Balogh: Gas HHG optimization, using QPM and a light-field synthesizer
2.20-2.40 pm
Nan Lin: Comparing intensity and phase of high order harmonic emission from aligned molecules
2.40-3.00 pm
F. Krecinic: Ultra-short electron pulse source at the Max Born Institute
3.00-3.20 pm
L. Medisauskas: Laser assisted collisional excitation
3.20-3.45 pm
Coffee break
3.45-6.00 pm Site /Lab visits (3 groups a 45 min: FLASH - PETRA III - Femtosecond lab)

6.30 pm Dinner

Tuesday, 26/06

9.00-9.50 am Joerg Rossbach: FEL Accelerator Physics and Seeding related talk
9.50-10.10 am F. Lücking: Future challenges in CEP stabilization
10.10-10.35 am
C. Heyl: Efficient high-order harmonic generation using phase-locked low order harmonics

10.35-11.00 am Coffee break

11.00-11.20 am C. Feng: Completely analog control of carrier-envelope phase

11.20-11.40 am

D. Rompotis: Challenges towards FEL pulse duration measurement based on the non-linear autocorrelation technique


Ute Krell, Proj. Management Talk

12.30-2.00 pm Lunch break (DESY Canteen)

2.00-3.00 pm
Business meeting

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